Heart to Hope to Words

Hope is Everywhere

Hope Is Everywhere!
Appreiciate the beauty that surrounds you. Appreciate the beauty that is within you. Appreciate life.
These are a few photos of God's reminders for me to keep moving forward
and to trust in Him. I am blessed beyond measure!

  1. Managing Director
    My niece on her last high school canoe race.
  2. Managing Director
    My grand nephew. His excitement is priceless.
  3. Managing Director
    Do yo know that dog spelled backwards is "god"?
  4. Managing Director
    My niece. Oh how we love the beach.
  5. Managing Director
    Sometimes we forget to look up and see His beauty
  6. Managing Director
    This never gets old.
  7. Managing Director
    It takes a team to move a canoe. Just like in life..we need each other.
  8. Managing Director
    There is power in His grace.